Services Offered at Sydney Road Truck Stop:

Quick Turnaround

Ensuring efficient and swift services on the forecourt for drivers.

Low Cost Quality Diesel

Fill Up At Sydney Road Truck Stop. Drivers Can Refuel At Our Facility, Which Offers Competitively Priced Diesel And High-Speed Pumps.

Fuel Programs

Offering EDC, TFN, and Keyfleet programs for convenient fuel management.

Shower Facilities

Providing hot water shower facilities for the comfort of truck drivers.

24-Hour Shop:

Operating an excellent shop with affordable meals available 24/7.

Emergency Assistance:

Offering driver assistance in case of emergencies.

On-Site IT Facilities:

Providing IT facilities on-site for convenient fuel orders.

Administrative Support:

Experienced administrative team ensuring excellent account management.

Security Measures:

24-hour security backed up with a CCTV system for safety.

Superior Diesel Quality

Dispensing the highest quality of 50ppm diesel from high-speed pumps.

E-Fuel Availability:

E Fuel available on all dispensers for environmentally conscious choices.

Strategic Location:

Conveniently located near Durban Port with easy access off major national highways.

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